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We are under Construction, but...Welcome to and thanks for Visiting the "NEW" and "Improved" Blue Star Drive dot com, website. 

This is about promoting who we love and why we love; highlighting all the people, places and things that we love here in Southwest Michigan from Blue Star Highway Corridor and beyond. 

We added a new page to our Blog.

Original recipes, unless cited...I have had so much wonderful feedback through the years about my cooking, my recipes and so I thought it was time for us to share. 

Its summer and I couldn't think of a better time to launch a cooking blog. Its a perfect time to show off our garden as well, as we cook all fresh ingredients and share our experience and the recipe with you. Some will be outstanding and some will be out of this world. Enjoy. 

Blueberries "On my Mind." 

On our Facebook page (click here) we have started a section called "Blue Mondays." 

In this section you will find great articles about Michigan Blueberries, from growing the tasty treats and harvesting them to storing and preparing wonderful desserts, breads and cookies with them. 

I am not an expert, but I sure will try to provide the expert advice, I receive from the experts in my area that grow them for a living. 

So follow along, should be fun. If you have questions or recipes fell free to shoot us an email. 

So many wonderful Small businesses along the Blue Star Highway; these are our favorites. 

There is so much beauty in Michigan, this is our humble attempt to capture it and share it with the world. 

We enjoy taking trips into the backwoods and small towns of Michigan. These are our favorite experiences; we thought we would share.